Guitarras Elétricas

🇬🇧 Inspiration for this episode came from Lari Basilio wining a music festival in 2014 with her excellent Walking by Faith. Electric guitar is less common in traditional Brazilian music, but we bring our outstanding guitarists in a selection that may sound more like hard rock or jazz. We’ll meet masters Pepeu Gomes and Victor Biglione. Ulisses Rocha, usually playing the acoustic guitar, is always in shape to play the electric guitar too. We also bring our friends from Brazilian-Rock-Pop scene, 14 Bis and Cor do Som, that always fed us with good riffs and instrumental recordings. Special mention to guitarist Almir Stocker (the Alemão of Alemão e Zezo and who also plays in Cor do Som and Grupo Medusa). Electric guitar use to walk along heavier bass, drums and keyboard, so pay attention to these too !Read More