Nordestinos e sua música (parte 2) | Northeast people and their music (part 2)

🇬🇧 From the most original rhythms, strongest contrasts, Brazilian Northeast is a land of intriguing culture. Throughout this episode (and its second part), note how a lot resembles classical music, either in instruments or in group formations. And these geniuses play it with frevo and maracatu! Ariano Suassuna and his league founded the Armorial movement in the 1970s providing the ideological DNA for this mix. From there, Antônio Madureira, Antônio Nóbrega, Capiba, Cussy de Almeida and later Sergio Campelo managed to originally fuse everything with style and extreme beauty. Honorable mention to Madureira who started the extraordinary Armorial Quintet and later Romançal, provided memorable compositions that continue to influence a legion of artists who deserve all the spotlights. The armorial style compositions, even without lyrics, seem to tell epical stories, like movies. It is a privilege to be close to all of this. But we don’t stop here. The more universal Brazilian Instrumental music practically came to life through the hands of northeastern Hermeto Pascoal and Heraldo do Monte when they formed the Novo Quartet in the 1960s, also represented in this 2 episodes. Since then, dear northeastern people traveled the world, cooked more musical deliciousness and here they are with Sivuca, in Jacaré‘s mandolin, Fernando Melo (from Duofel) and many others. Special attention to the sound of the Brazilian Viola spread in this episodes — which is commonly associated with the caipira scene in the Southeast and Middle West — has a completely refreshed incarnation in the Northeast, called repente.

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