Mil variações | One thousand variations

🇬🇧 Joyce Moreno, or just Joyce, globally recognized for her Bossa Nova tunes, writes, plays and sings music non stop since the 60s. Her scat works (singing without lyrics) is huge and original. One of my preferred compositions is Feijão com Arroz, from one of the albums she released with her husband, the drummer Tutty Moreno. There is also Ulisses Rocha, one of our acoustic guitar colossus, playing one of his most complex compositions. His perfectionism is absolutely impressive. Then we visit the extraordinary Quinteto Armorial in the 70s for a taste of how they left their mark forever in the Northeast music. Heading South, we stop in Rio for a nostalgic composition of K-Ximbinho by Zé da Velha e Silvério Pontes. We also visit Neymar Dias, versatile multi-instrumentist from São Paulo’s music scene that explores new possibilities for the Brazilian viola. And then we arrive in Rio Grande do Sul for a modern execution of an Hermeto Pascoal theme written for and played by Renato Borghetti. This is beautiful episode, enjoy !

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